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March / April Only – 6 Hour Shared Trip

2 Person Minimum / 4 Person Maximum (can accommodate a party of six – inquire for details)
Run your own tackle and fish for multiple kinds of fish. We start by trolling in close on the 40/60 fathom curve targeting Ono – Mahi Mahi. Each person runs their own rod in & out. Troll from bottom fishing spots to stop and jig and/or drop bait for goat fish, papio, ulua, rainbow runners, nubetas etc. This is a very active kind of fishing with each person fishing and working their own rod and reel. These fish are also very good eating and will be kept for each fishermen that catches them. Troll fish will be divided among the fishers to take home. Fish will be cleaned and bagged at dock. Depending on water conditions, we might travel 10 miles up & down the coastline.

$200/person for the boat (for 3+ people), captain & crew for up to 4 people
$300/person for the boat (for 2 or fewer people – 2 person minimum), captain & crew for up to 4 people


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