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Long Range Multi-Day / Overnight Trip

Your best deal: You can go up to 50 miles south of Kona where there is less fishing pressure and where you’ll find some of the best scenery in Hawaii as we troll in 100 fathoms just off the shoreline.

By staying out overnight, we maximize your fishing early and late for the Ono/Wahoo bite. We anchor in really neat little bays at night and can even go ashore or snorkel in the middle of the day for a break. All different kinds of fish are possible on these trips and you can even fish at night.

The boat has full cooking options with BBQ, cook top and microwave along with fridge/freezer and iced coolers. Bring any and all the food and drink you want for the trip.

$1,500 per day for boat, caption & crew for up to 6 people.


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